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To Setup Linksys extender or get to the setting for your extender reliably scrutinize on your internet browser.

An American organization named Linksys creates equipment results of systems administration like switches, extenders for private companies or home clients. A portion of different items created by the organization incorporates VoIP hardware, Ethernet switches, broad media items and remote web camcorders. The extender is one of the best ways to expand the range of your wireless router to eliminate dead spots. Linksys Wi-Fi go extender can be utilized to associate different PCs to the web. We can associate the expander remotely or through wires to our PC. Network cards are utilized to interface it wirelessly.

The advantage of using Linksys extender is that it empowers the customer to relate more than one PC onto a comparable workstation. Other bit of leeway of using the Linksys range extender is that its gear can be found adequately and it is anything it is easy to setup the Linksys extender. You essentially need to cling to the rules from the official site of Linksys that is to setup the expander. Likewise, if you get any issue in getting to the site, you can take help from our agents by visiting our site.

A few highlights of Linksys extenders are:

  1. Dual-band
  2. Linksys Smart WiFi

It is practically compatible with all stages like Windows XP, Windows Vista 32/64, Windows 7 32/64, Windows 8 32/64, Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8, Mountain Lion, Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

How to Set up your New Linksys Range Extender?

Before you start with the strategy guarantee you can take a look at the accompanying things:

  • Ensure you have a working Internet relationship with your Internet Company.
  • On the off chance that you are overriding your expander with Linksys extender, guarantee you can unplug the old expander appropriately.
  • Power off the modem and your switch for 2 minutes before begin with the setup.
  • Following 2-3 minutes, you can turn on the modem and connection in your switch to the power source.


1. Connect the ethernet link from your Linksys expander to your PC or workstation, you can likewise interface your Phone with Wi-Fi.

2. For the Wi-Fi credential, you can watch out at the posterior or base of your Linksys expander.

3. There is the accompanying data composed on it.

2.4GHz Wi-Fi Name: Linksys2.4_Ext

Wi-Fi Password:

5GHz Wi-Fi Name: Linksys5_Ext

Wi-Fi Password:

4. You can put the data on your Wi-Fi good gadget, when it is associated. You can open up a web browser.

5. Launch the Web program (like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge) where you can enter the default linksys extender login URL “” or you can likewise attempt the default the IP Address for your expander which is

6. It will go to show you the screen where it demands that you agree with the terms and conditions for your Linksys Expander and Click Next.

7. Now it will scan all the available wireless networks including your home Wi-Fi network which you are utilizing on your gadgets.

8. Select your specific home wireless network from the list (2.4GHz and 5 GHz) and snap next.

9. Further, you can see the screen for Wireless Name and Wireless mystery word, you can change the name following with ***_Ext and mystery word according to customer request.

10. Confirm that all the expander settings are correct and wireless name of the extender is slightly different from your router’s Wi-Fi network.

11. Click on save and wait for the Linksys smart wizard to finish applying all the settings.

12. So the Setup is done, you can place your expander at the best place in your house.

All things considered, you don’t stop for a second to converse with us

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In front of your range extender, you will see the light it gives you information about updating signal, power and signal strength.

Blinking Amber:
It means router and extender not connected or any other error.
Unplug the range extender and move it in the same room where the router is located, plug it in the power and wait for it to reconnect to your home network.
Note: Make sure the router is turned on and has an Internet connection, Wi-Fi is turned on.

Solid Amber:
It means you are getting a very weak signal to from the router.
Unplug the expander, and shift it near to the wireless router.

Solid Green:
Note: Now it’s ready to use.
If you are using your workstation for Linksys Extender setup RE6400, visit for the web-based setup. redirects you to Linksys setup wizard where you can easily setup the extender by following the on-screen instructions.

Blinking Green:
Upgrading Firmware.
Starting up.
Resetting to industry default settings.
Linksys range extender Wi-fi Button Protected Setup- Linksys range extender comes with a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button, you can use this button to automatically and securely wireless devices to your network.
Note- You going to start setup, please make sure your router has a working Internet connection.

Make sure your router also has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button (WPS).
If your wireless switch has a WPS catch, then continue with the Linksys Extender Setup RE6400.
If your router doesn’t have a WPS button then you can follow the browser-based setup through your PC or laptop.
Note- If you have disabled WPS setting on your router, then it won’t work.

1. Plugin your Linksys range extender close to the router. Once you range extender will configure then you can move the extender to the ideal location. Now you will see blink green light in front of your extender.
2. Now it will give you blink amber light before going to setup. This can take up to a minute.

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3. Extend your 2.4GHz network
For the extender setup now you need to press WPS button on your router first for 2 minutes.
Now press the WPS button on your extender, you will see blink green light on the LED indicator in front of your range extender.
To verify your connection watch the indicator LED light on the front of your extender.
If you see green solid light, It means the connection was successful.
If you see blinks amber light, It means connection failed, You need to try again step 3 or you may try browser-based setup.
4. Expand your 5GHz home network.
You can extend 5 GHz network also on your dual-band router If your router doesn’t have 5 GHz network then you can skip this step.
snap and hold the WPS button on your wireless router again.
Now press the range extender WPS button again.
The light of your range extender will start to blink green.
Check the range extender indicator LED light on the front of your extender to verify the connection was successful or not.
The connection was successful If it turns solid green.
The connection failed If it starts blink amber before it turns solid gree
5. Move your range extender to a good spot
Unplug your range extender and plug it back near 25 to 30 feet away from the router or midway between your router and the area without Wi-Fi. Check the Wi-Fi area you should be getting two bars, where you going to plugin this range extender.
6. Check range extender LED for connection quality.
During this period you will see the blinking green LED once again. It can take up to a minute for the extender boot up after moving it.
Solid green- Ready to use.
Solid amber- Find an outlet closer to the router, you have a weak connection.
Blinking amber- Find an outlet closer to the router. you are not connected to the router.
7. Connect your any Wi-Fi devices to the extender Wi-Fi network.
Open the W-Fi setting and select the extended Wi-Fi network name on your device. Select and type your created Wi-Fi password connect securely. you will see the default extender name “_Ext” added to the end of your main Wi-Fi network name.

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