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Setting up Velop Mesh WiFI System is simply utilizing the Linksys application. In any case, we require the accompanying things before setting up the principal hub. In this representation, we have utilized an iOS gadget to arrangement the Velop framework.


  • An iPhone running on iOS 9.0 (at least) or more.
  • The most recent Linksys application introduced on the iOS gadget.
  • A functioning Internet.


  1. Dispatch the Linksys application and tap on Launch Setup when the application dispatches.
  2. Presently login to the Linksys cloud account and go to Setup a New Product alternative. Under it tap on Setup a New Velop System.

3. Simply adhere to the on-screen directions to turn-on your Bluetooth association. The arrangement is all the more brisk and simple with the assistance of Bluetooth. Turn on the Bluetooth so we can examine for Velop framework close by. Swipe up from the base of the screen to turn-on the Bluetooth.

4. Presently a page with Terms and Conditions will show up on the screen. Peruse the page and tap on Agree. You will see this page just when you dispatch the Linksys application just because.

5. Presently the arrangement will scan for close-by gadgets. You have to pick the Linksys Velop network from the available list.

6. Presently as per your current Internet association arrangement pick the accompanying from the rundown:

  • Select Modem-Router in the event that you have a different modem and switch.
  • Select Single Device in the event that you have Modem-Router chipping away at a solitary gadget.
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  1. Presently a screen will show up requesting that you accumulate every one of the things you see on screen. When you are prepared with every one of the things, tap ‘Next’.
  2. Disconnect your current switch from the modem and unplug it from the electrical plug. In the event that you picked the Single Device Setup beforehand, you won’t see this screen.

9. Plug-in a Node and tap on Next.

10. Now interface the Velop hub to the modem and tap on Next. On the off chance that the light doesn’t turn strong purple, tap on it’s not turning purple and tap Next.

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11. Presently Linksys app will search for Velop Node. When a hub is identified tap on Next and it will check for Internet association. On the off chance that you have PPPoE association, you will be incited to enter the username and secret key. Be that as it may, in the event that you have a Static WAN IP Address, hold up until ‘Restart Your Modem’ alternative has shown up on your screen and afterward tap on I need to enter my ISP setting physically.

12. Presently adhere to on-screen directions and enter your email and username and tap on Create Account to get done with making an account. On the off chance that you as of now have a cloud account on Linksys application, tap on log in here and enter the login certifications.

13. Presently make remote system name (SSID) and system key (Passphrase) for your Velop network and tap Next.

14. Presently you will be incited to name your hub that best portrays its area.

15. Now you have effectively included Linksys Velop hub. On the off chance that you need to enter more hubs, tap on Add another hub. That is it!

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